Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your work read our guidelines and mission first. 

Submission Schedule: Submissions are closed.


In order to submit work you must be of the non-speaking and semi-speaking disabled community. Work sent in by someone who is not non or semi-speaking will automatically be denied. Non-speaking means that you cannot speak. Semi-speaking means that you sometimes cannot speak, or have another form of speech disability. Due to this being a massively underrepresented community we ask that you respect the mission of Explicit.

What we’re looking for:  We are looking for work that expresses your experience of being non speaking or semi speaking. Work that challenges narratives that are common in art. Work that brings the reader to a place of growth and uncomfortability. Work that was necessary for you to create. All of your work needs to be original content. We welcome work in any language. However you still need to provide an English translation with your submission. We welcome work that is inspired by preexisting media but we require that you make it clear that it’s referencing media created by someone else. We are especially looking for unique or inventive poetry formats. We accept any genre of short writing and poetry. We are especially looking for work that shifts our perspectives and lives within the unexpected.

Content: All the work you submit needs to be respectful of identities and experiences. Anything that insults or harms groups of marginalized people will not be selected. This journal is meant to uplift and center the voices of disabled creators. We will not accept work that does the opposite for any other marginalized group.

Payment: Unfortunately we are unable to offer payment for your submissions at this time. We also do not charge a submission fee. We are currently applying to grants, and are open to donations. 

Poetry submissions: You can submit up to five poems. No more than ten pages total. There is no word limit. Your document needs to include the title of each piece.  There also cannot be more than one piece on the same page.

Short Writing submissions: Both fiction and nonfiction are allowed. We welcome a variety of genres and styles. (essays, short stories, fantasy, personal experiences etc.) Please submit up to two pieces.

Visual Art:  We allow many different types of visual artwork including: paintings, drawings, graphic design, photography, collages of your own original work, silhouettes, a short comic strip, or anything else that can be digitally sent. You can submit up to five pieces.

Waiting period: Expect about a two month wait time before hearing back. We will get back to you as soon as possible, but we also want to give the most informed response back. If you do not hear back within twelve weeks, please contact us at:

Artistic ownership: If chosen, your work will still be considered your intellectual property. Explicit Literary Journal will not own your art or writing. But if a piece of yours was published in our journal before it is published in a book or another journal, please specify that it was originally published in our journal.

Simultaneous Submissions:

If your piece(s) get published in another journal, that’s ok! Just let us know so we can remove that piece from consideration.

Please send in one submission document per volume. You are welcome to submit to multiple Volumes in a row however.

If you have any questions contact and you will get an answer as soon as possible.

We want to  witness your work! Your work is valuable and deserves a place!

How to submit: The document needs to have one poem, or piece per page. Do not include contact information, a bio or your cover letter in the document. All of that information should only be included in the submission form. Make sure that your poems are formatted before submitting. If you need help formatting you can contact us at We can’t wait to see your art!

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