Presses, Literary Journals and Organizations

Tiny Tim Literary Review: is a literary journal for writers with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Their goal is to help shift the narratives that disabled people are often confined to by opening up a space for disabled creators to be show cased. They have many fantastic volumes to read through. As well as information on their submission schedule.

Hyper Lexia Journal: is a literary journal run by and for Autistic writers. They are currently open for submissions. They do not have a submission fee. They do not offer payment.

Kaleidoscope: is a literary magazine dedicated to documenting the experiences of disabled writers and visual artists.

Word Gathering: is a literary magazine for disabled writers and artists. They are currently open for submission and have many volumes that are available to read:

Barking Sycamores: Is a liteary journal run by nuerodivergent, trans writers and artists of color who wanted to form a creative space centered entirely on the work of other nuero diverse creators.

Monstering Magazine: Monstering is a literary magazine run by and dedicated to disabled women and nonbinary writers. They have an open submission and volumes available for reading.

Breath and Shadow: is a literary magazine for disabled writers. They are quarter yearly.

Autonomous Press: They publish books by nuerodivergent writers. They also have published a series of anothologies.

The Art Of Autism: A nonprofit project centered around the visual art and writing and autistic and nuero-divergent creators. They are currently looking for guest bloggers and art and writing submissions to their literary journal.

The Deaf Poets Society: Is a literary journal created by and for deaf and disabled visual artists and writers. They do not have a submission fee. They are quarter yearly. They have multiple exquisite volumes that are available for viewing.

Disabled Writers: is a resource created to help connect disabled writers to journals, publishers and editors.

Inside The Bell Jar: is a literary journal for writers who experience mental illness. They are currently closed for submissions but will post on their site when they are open. Their newest volume will be available to read shortly.

Cow Tipping Press: Publishes books that feature the writing of developmentally disabled creators. They also teach workshops. 

Unrestricted InterestA fantastic press specific to autistic and divergent writers. They mainly work with autistic youth.

The Disability Visibility Project: An online community specific to disabled media and culture. Curated by Alice Wong. 

The Black Disability Collective: An advocacy project created and run by Teighlor Mcgee dedicated to lifting the voices of black disabled people. 

Autistic People Of Color Fund: A fund dedicated to allocating funds to autistic people of color with a focus on reperations. The fund is partnered with the organization Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network. They are by and for Autistic Women and Autistic Nonbinary people.

Pieces Of Writing By Non And Semi Speaking People

This article is written by non speaking autistic writer Justice Killebrew.

Justice Killebrew was also featured in this anthology:

If you create literary or artistic resources for disabled creators or know of other resources that we left out feel free to let us know at:

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