About Us

Explicit Literary Journal is a literary journal dedicated to showcasing the visual art and writing of non speaking and semi speaking disabled writers and artists.

Meaning: anyone who does not use spoken words to communicate or anyone who uses a limited amount of spoken words to communicate. Folks who fluctuate from speaking to non speaking are welcome as well. We are not here to tell you what your experience is. We do not aim to be specific to a medical diagnosis either. So if you feel you fit this description, please submit your work. Our goal is to help amplify the voices and work of a community that is often misunderstood and left invisible.

Explicit Literary Journal’s mission is to increase accessibility for non-speaking and semi-speaking disabled writers and artists, create a place for the art and writing of this community to be fully witnessed and enjoyed, and offer a platform for non-speaking and semi-speaking creators. Since communication comes in many different forms, our hope is to acknowledge the value of communicating through art. Especially for those of us who struggle to communicate other wise.


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