COVID19 Artist Feature Seven: Meghna Maggie

Tell us a little about yourself

I Am currently pursuing medical sciences. I consider myself as a logophile, always lost in my own labyrinth of thoughts and getting inspired by nature. I’m a sniper armed person with my thoughts. 

What are your mediums?

My mediums are to communicate with the outer world through my words and actions

Why is art important to you?

Art is an expression of human mind and senses. It’s a special ability that unlocks the potentials of the human mind. It’s a remarkable mode of depicting culture from all over the world. When we see a powerful work of art, we feel it touching deep within our core,giving us the power to make changes in the real life. Art indeed enriches the human experience and accesses higher orders of thinking. I feel art is a way of life it’s more than just an art – each one tells a story. So I feel art is as important as oxygen for surviving.

How has art helped you communicate as a non or semi speaking disabled person?

Art has indeed been a medium for me to communicate with the outer world.Art helped me to translate my words to society as a voice of me. I can say it’s the only medium which helped me reach the world

How has the outbreak affected you as a non or semi speaking disabled person? How has it affected you as an artist?

Currently the whole world is shuck with the storm of pandemic. Life has become a vast grey with uncomfortable destruction. Each bond that breaks leaves marks unseen. As an artist I try to stay within my reins but it gets harder day by day the waves come crashing down like lightning. l try to lock this cage around my heart. Minds remain empty when stared at the blank paper but then I try to calm the storms in my skull saying one isn’t truly an artist if they hadn’t gone through artist’s block.

What’s one thing you wish abled people understood about you?

To be honest there’s no such thing that I want normal one’s to understand as I do live in a very well groomed environment. If I had to talk about that one thing then that would be they shouldn’t assume disability defines a person. Disability is not an obstacle to success. But end of the day it’s their perspective everyone has their opinion. It would be better if they don’t force it on us. I just want them to think once from our perspective (it includes emotions,opinions etc…) and act accordingly.

What’s one song,book or tv show that’s helping you get through the time?

Books are my all time favorite. Currently I am reading The Feeling Good -the new mood therapy by David D. This book will help you cope with a full range of everyday problems. It helps to crush procrastination and unleash your potential for success.

Where can we support your work? 

To grab my book:


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