Workshop Proposals

Are you a non or semi speaking or disabled artist interested in teaching a workshop?

We are taking proposals for future workshops. Workshops can be focused on any visual art, performance art or writing medium. Mediums can be but are not limited to writing, visual art, music or theater. Currently the medium has to be something that can be done through zoom. The goal of each workshop is to teach non and semi speaking writers and artists about one art medium. A writing piece, art piece, song or performance should be created by the end of the workshop. You are not required to have taught previously. A college degree is also not required. We do ask that you know how to create a workshop with the non and semi speaking community in mind. Teachers must be either non or semi speaking or a member of another section of the disability community. If you are interested but need help thinking of a proposal you can reach out to: 65% of proceeds from workshop will go to the teacher.

Submit your proposals

We are also taking accessibility workshop proposals. Our accessibility workshop series is focused on teaching presses and art organizations on how to increase access for the non and semi speaking and disability artist community. Workshop topics can be but are not limited to: how to make the hiring process accessible, how to create art events with the non and semi speaking or disability community in mind, how to make sure you are not being abelist when making submission decisions, how presses can increase the disability literary cannon, and how to make to make music events that are centered around non and semi speaking musicians. We are looking for workshop proposals that educate and lead participants towards solutions and resources. You do not need previous accessibility workshop teaching experience. Some form of disability justice experience is preferred. Proposals are open to non or semi speaking individuals as well as members of other facets of the disability community. 65% of proceeds from the workshop will be given to the teacher. Workshops are currently being taught on zoom.

Submit your proposals


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