COVID 19 Artist Feature Six: Suchismita Ghoshal

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am Suchismita Ghoshal, hailing from West Bengal, India. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Zoology along with my major in Political Science. I consider myself as a nature’s child  as right from the beginning, I used to observe my surroundings with a keen heart. I am in love with the simplicity which has its big impact on my writing too.

What are your mediums?

As I am a semi-speaking disabled person, my mediums are to communicate through the written messages, spoken words and gestures through hands.

I stutter a lot but I never let my confidence fall.

Why is art important to you?

Art widens my vision, art enhances my confidence, art opens the locked doors of my mind, art enchants my soul and art makes me a humble person both from inside and out. And as the saying goes, the earth is only ‘eh’ without the ‘art’ in it. Moreover, art is the synonym to life for me. So, art is extremely important like breathing.

How has art helped you communicate as a non or semi speaking disabled person?

Art has helped me a lot to communicate with the outer world. My words, my verses, my poems and my stories have worked as the voice of me. People appreciate me for who I am and for the thoughts I brew inside me. There will never be anything in comparison to art’s contribution in my life.

How has the outbreak affected you as a non or semi speaking disabled person? How has it affected you as an artist?

AThe whole world is shuddered with the storm of pandemic. The random changes in the statistics of death tolls have affected a lot. There are days when I feel extremely horrible and it makes me too anxious, depressed and insane to watch the news. It makes me feel that I shall lose my closed ones in this pandemonium. And as an artist, it equally affects my mind. I can’t focus on my art some days because of the constant blunder in my mind. Overall, Covid-19 has brought a drastic change in our lives.

What’s one thing you wish abled people understood about you?

There’s no such thing that I want the normal people to understand about me as I am surrendered by a few very responsible and kind persons in my life who leave no stone unturned at my service. Still I think, if they could understand how much we carry inside our hearts even after not uttering a word for a single time, that would be the blessing for us. Not everyone understands the emotions we carry, the love we want to share and the melodious chaos we want to make. And also, I absolutely have no grudges against them. The world itself is a beautiful mess, made up of the variety of people with their own essence.

What’s one song, book or tv show that’s helping you get through this time?

Books are my all time favourite. I can’t live without the books. These days, I am reading the very famous book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by the author Joseph Murphy to stay positive as much as possible. This book is an absolute gem and I can’t thank this book enough for uplifting me in my hard times. So, I am again onto this book to increase my patience and peace.

Where can we support your work? (This is the place to link your artist page, donation links, stores etc)

Well, I am thankful enough to Explicit Journal for taking my interview. I am attaching the link to my pages below where I share my works :


And Instagram :


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