COVID 19 Artist Feature Five: Imane Boukaila

What are your mediums? 

Through poetry and song writing, I strive to help others like me, with distorted communication, to be acknowledged as differently abled productive minds. 

Why is Art important to you? 

I mostly think that poetry heals the heart and mind. Poetic reasoning shares powerful, strong important messages to improve our life. Poetry and song writing mostly master heartfelt truths through tonality and rhythm. It helps people think, visualize and hopefully feel the true emotions shaping the artist’s creation. Total symbiosis between the time thinking and the shaping of the artistic piece, frees tensions omnipresent in the artist’s mind, savoring the impact created while releasing. 

How has art helped you communicate as a non or semi speaking disabled person? 

Harmony. Mind treasures mostly harmonious mindful thinking and Art truly creates this motion and rhythm that paces the mind savoring communication. Thinking artistically creates mostly new mind connections easing inhibitions possibly allowing streams of stress-free bonding exchanges that honor the work of the artist. 

What is one thing you wish abled people understood about you? 

I want (troubled) abled people to know that I am a thinking mind striving to help others like me to thrive and have the life we all deserve! (Troubled) abled people seem to hesitate to show their sadness, hindering their ability to acknowledge the differently abled. Preaching mostly, hoping to change their perception to broaden their mind and appreciate mind diversity. Those differently abled minds are hiding, mostly waiting to make a difference in hopeful thinking. 

How has the outbreak affected you as a disabled person? How has it affected you as an artist? 

Should anyone be impacted, the (troubled) abled mostly are. They seek acts of mostly thoughtful social cues to feel alive but my artistic differently abled mind is enjoying some isolation time to harvest hidden inspiration stacked in the philosophical trapped schematic maps of my master autistic mind. 

What’s one song book or TV show that is helping you get through this time? 

Have tons of music tracks (Techno, Rap, Country, Classical…) helping me master my lol isolated moments. Same as thinking, music mostly holds the sounds that motivate constructive creativity that motions the spiraling inspiration. 

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