Issue Two

Feeding Hair

Allowing skin to breathe, held out forever

targeted audience never hearing the end

cash on delivery on time, wasting infinity

drinking off the job rightly curbs this dissonance

minding elusive children with a righteous slap.

Underlying complications, over intricate coffee

birth names sleeping through grace of conversion

curbing information on pain of execution

the bloodied wind calling out for comfort.

A few drops of rain won’t kill you. Watching afar

at a ceremonious drowning, vacant interest

bloodied salvation at a moment’s peace

final redemption at an aeon’s notice

resurrecting the hardship that none cares about.

Figure-expanding clothing remains a turn-on,

allowances made through shoe-horned gratitude,

speaking some language fluently for now

silently watched these moves, deriding, hard.

Under cover of pizza, bulldozed as things go,

nourished unto death, feeding the right

not needing diaries to keep track of faults

continually disappointed over model types

excuse for mediocrity waving opinions around.


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