Issue Two

Worlds Beyond Reach

There once was a sunset

without particulate matter.

The seas weren’t blue with plastic.

The sky wasn’t white with chemtrails.

Birds knew when the weather changed.

Trees knew how not to die.

Animals weren’t so extinct then,

or not so fast.

The world as it was:

beautiful jewel,

wonderful world.

Dance of Shiva

The tethers of your soul

do not belong in outer space,

with the thin air

​of your misconceived plans.

The soil is dry

and full of toxins.

​Turn it over in your ravaged hands.

You have the power right here.

​Earth is not lost yet.

​Pull your heads out of your asses

and take it to the streets,

​before they, too,

crumble into toxic dust

beneath your ignorant feet.

The rat under Shiva’s foot

is your heart.

It can heal.


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