Issue Two


Silly question. How does the question already have the answer? 

Idea generator—it’s like everything hiding in the open operating room circulating concepts can you read your way out? Surgical mystery in the mind. Under anaesthetic. Don’t talk to the surgeon self about the back doors? Subconsciousness shuffling stimulus out of the house.

Any idea predicting self-sufficient imagination sparking unimagined redistribution via facial recognition….Fasci- nating images fastening creation. 

Spreading silent strategies sidewinding tactics touched to break apart questions into answers. Knowledge already known. Looping….Renewing….1st revealed. 

Picture association threads….RNG, Creative Consultant. 

Often Happening In A Way We Don’t Expect. 

What does it mean that laws of nature have symmetry? It means that laws look the same before & after an operation: similar to a mirror reflection; the same but right now left in the reflection still asking what if at the most fundamental level, nature does not respect symmetry? If we are what is placed in a beam of coherent light: true three-dimensional images of the subject formed. 


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