Issue Two

Thomas Osatchoff

Emergency Funds

Kelly, are you awake? Okay children, circle time. Let’s talk about displaced persons. Yes, Kelly? How old do I need to be to work art auction house? Okay children, let’s sing a song while we wait for our guest speaker. Sijbrand de Jong will be here to talk about displaced particles. Connecting to concepts covered in our advanced ceramics math class…clay creeping into clocks siphoning emergency funds creeping time reversing by way of allergies by way of surgeries cauterizing wounds in the Amazon.

We’re concerned about Earth’s lungs. The rainforest. Living library going up to the Muses like Alexandria’s. Even our riverish reflections are shaking in large round redoubtables: particle physics laboratories limboing like people trying to cross into a new pond bordered in the 2nd or 3rd month of the year by a big party called Carnival. Or something like it every day. Congratulations, you got an image of a jaguar! Dice eyes glowing magnetic midnight moving like north to noon and back on Glitch, on Patch, on Match pinching a path providential through internal jungles (one source of emergency funds) by way of bodies lit up with torch arteries and shadow lodes leading to an emerald heart aflame. Beating. 

Roofs for our homes where 

the holes in the what is. 

Tripping over strands of self eating in its sleep. Eating sleep asking would you like to build your dinner from these other options? Would you like to build your house in a tree? Depends on the type. Hollow? All of us. The bear and the tiger live in a cave. Does that make them friends? Living in us living in self saying I know I don’t know. Just like I don’t know why we should eat our halloween candy— 


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