COVID 19 Artist Feature Two: KM Murray

Image description: Digital drawing of two white people sitting on the ground and embracing. The background is blue, pink, purple, white, black and yellow. There is text as well. The text reads: I can choose my friends and I can choose my family. If they won’t accept me then others will have me. The text is lyrics to a song by Boyinaband.

Choices, Digital, 2018, Km Murray, 2018.

KM Murray (they/them) is an educator, aerialist, and artist living in the Twin Cities, MN. They are multiply disabled, a lover of the strange and unusual, and parent to a small horde of ferrets.


1 thought on “COVID 19 Artist Feature Two: KM Murray

  1. Absolutely lovely!!!! I love this piece so much! You draw so much emotion in the eyes.

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