COVID 19 Artist Feature One: Adina Burke

What are your mediums?

Music and writing.

Why is art important to you?

I find it helps with my emotional processing, and it is rather meditative.

How has art helped you communicate as a non or semi speaking disabled person?

I can feel unplugged, but still go through certain pieces and still perform, it’s a bit robotic, but I can still convey what I wish and lock into a persona that makes me feel safe, and push a performance or process pain. 

How has the outbreak affected you as a disabled person and artist?

I’ve had to cancel readings for April for my new book, and all gigs for my band are still put on hold until further notice.

What’s one thing you wish abled people understood about you?

No one of us is the same, and I think in particular, right now, disability is defining this experience for me, which makes a lot of abled people uncomfortable. To know that my disability does define me, and that I don’t subscribe to “differently abled” really irks people, but I think Stella Young said it best when she said, “No amount of smiling can turn stairs into a ramp.”
In summary, to me, disability is not a bad word.

What’s one song, book or tv show that’s helping you get through this time?

This Year by The Mountain Goats. 

Where can we support your work?

My Goodreads, my band’s bandcamp


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