Important Announcement

Hello all! We hope you are doing as well as you can during quarantine. We have a couple exciting announcements!

First off our second issue will be published on April First!
Second we are going to be featuring artists daily during the rest of this health crisis. Many disabled artists rely on art specific income to get by. So having our art opportunities canceled indefinitely is extremely difficult.
Since we are a disability specific journal we want to help amend this in some way. We will be featuring a non or semi speaking artist of any medium on our website and instagram every day. We will publish one piece of work, a short interview and any payment info. In order to do this we need submissions.
So if you are a non or semi speaking artist that wants to be featured you can send one piece of work along with a bio, a photo and your artist page, with the subject title COVID Feature Request to Work can be but is not limited to one piece of visual art, one piece of writing, one art specific video under 5 minutes, one song, one dance performance.
We can’t wait to feature all you amazing artists! Community and art is so vital during this time.


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