Tito Mukhopadhyay doesn’t exactly call himself a poet or define himself with a diagnosis. There is a lack of parallax between Tito’s outside environment and sensory window. Writing helps to keep the balance – his insides can spill out strong on the page. Of course he has a diagnosis of autism. When he writes, he likes to write as an equal. He wants to walk step by step, not over step, not out of step with the rest of the creative world which is different from the functioning world. Yes he can write poetry. Poetry happens out of his thoughts – like a stray strand of greenish blue light that hits a window after an evening shower to linger around before it turns dark. Tito likes villanelles because it feels important to be part of a rule. He wants people to understand what he is trying to write. What is the function of language anyway? Isn’t it to simplify the idea?

Adam Wolfond is a 17 year-old non-speaking autistic grade 11 student. Adam attends The A Collective which is a teaching-learning community supporting neurodiversity and also, The YMCA Academy in Toronto, Canada. His work includes public speaking by typing, creative writing and poetry and several art exhibitions where he focuses on movement, water and relation. He is currently a collaborator on PhD dissertation project: Neurodiversity in Relation: an artistic intraethnography with Estée Klar. Some of his work can be found online by referencing his name.

Adina Burke is an individual who doesn’t like talking about herself very much and instead insists on writing about herself. Born in 1990 with a sweet taste in her mouth for cynical and dry wit, such characteristics can be found in her work and overall demeanor. Much to her credit, she has found a way to make this seem incredibly endearing. She is the Author of Birds Eye and Wheelchairs, Whips and Bondage Tape. Her books can be found at: Moon Palace Books, Boneshaker Books, and SubText: A Bookstore among others. 

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