And She Appeased the Queen

There was one who stood out from the rest. They say self-harm comes in many forms, but what happens when she sleeps and there’s an Orchid she’s not tending to?

Bees communicate by dancing, so how does one dance out their suicide attempt, that despite not being a drone, they feel like one? That for one moment, they hung like a tree. Thirsty for sweet goodness, and yet didn’t know that Honey is so much more than golden?

That you produce something worthy of a powerful Queen to use, for man to use, for man to see, eat.




Destroy is what I wanted to do for a moment, but I’ve been given Sweetness for centuries.

And she works.

And she works.

And she works.

She does not call it self-harm, for that would be if she saw something worth the last defense and death in defiance; or protection?

But some see through this ruse.

Nonetheless, she adjusts the crown.

And the Queen seems pleased.


2 thoughts on “And She Appeased the Queen

  1. Hi nice reading your posst


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